Support a Classroom!

Support a Classroom! $20

Every year as part of our Young Writers Program, we give away 2,500 free classroom kits to educators around the world. These kits are a vital part of YWP and provide teachers with resources to help keep their students engaged and accountable during NaNoWriMo.

In 2017, we’d like to send more kits to classrooms near and far—and work on targeted outreach to underserved schools and communities. Your “Support a Classroom” donation will help us spread inspiration, creativity, and novel-writing resources to even more children and teens around the globe.

Your Impact:

$20 = 1 classroom + the creative lives of 35 young novelists

$100 = 5 classrooms + the creative lives of 175 young novelists

$500 = 25 classrooms + the creative lives of 875 young novelists

$2,500 = 125 classrooms + the creative lives of 4,375 young novelists

$5,000 = 250 classrooms + the creative lives of 8,750 young novelists

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