How do I donate by check or money order?

Please make your check/money order payable to "National Novel Writing Month."

Unfortunately, our bank now charges us a US$40 processing fee for checks not in US dollars. Because of this, we can only accept checks in US dollars. Sigh.

Our mailing address is:

National Novel Writing Month
3354 Adeline Street
Berkeley, CA 94703 USA

Things to include with your check:

• Whether you'd like your NaNoWriMo thank-you gifts.
• Your NaNoWriMo username (so we can put a donor halo on your profile).
• How you'd like to be credited on our Brought To You By page (real name, pen name, organization name, anonymous, etc.).
• (For $25 and higher donations) The best mailing address for us to use when sending you your thank-you goodies.
• (For $250 and higher donations) What - if any - website you'd like to have your name on the Brought to You By page linked to.