Camp NaNoWriMo Care Package

Camp NaNoWriMo Care Package

Remember getting a brown-paper-wrapped parcel at camp, and opening it to find a box full of candy and comic books?

The Camp NaNoWriMo Care Package evokes that mixture of mystery and anticipation, with one key difference: Instead of sweet treats, this magical box of goodies contains a stash of inspiration for your novel. From the embossed journal and rustic twig pen to the three postcards for sending to friends and loved-ones, you'll find plenty of entertainment and encouragement in this 8" x 8" care package, starting with the full-color, camp-themed sticker on the lid. Thanks to the included patch, sticker, and keyring, you'll be able to take a writerly treat with you wherever you go.

Reward yourself or a noveling friend with a care package today!

This 8" X 8" X 2" wooden cigar box contains:
One (1) 100% recycled 7.5" by 6" lined journal
One (1) super-fine black ballpoint "twig" pen (each twig pen is a little different)
One (1) embroidered full-color 3" patch
One (1) double-sided full-color 1.5" keyring
One (1) waterproof full-color 3" vinyl sticker
Three (3) different full-color 4" X 6" postcards, ready for mailing!