NaNoWriMo "Baty-isms" T-Shirt 2011

NaNoWriMo "Baty-isms" T-Shirt 2011

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Put your inner-editor on pause with this stunning new black shirt from NaNoWriMo founder Chris Baty! Now, all your favorite hyper-motivational Baty-isms are in one place, providing an attractive background for this central nugget of wisdom: "The World Needs Your Novel."

The sheer motivational power of this shirt has been known to prompt sudden, zealous bursts of writing from those who wear it, as well as any nearby cats and squirrels. Never has confidence looked so good on you, dear Writer.

Comes in long sleeves and short sleeves to accommodate the climate in your neck of the woods!

Comes in unisex (S - 5XL), misses' (S - 2XL), or women's (M - 4XL).

Sizing Charts Galore

Unisex short sleeved S - 3XL (American Apparel)
Unisex short sleeved 4XL -5XL (Port & Company)
Unisex long sleeved S - 3XL (American Apparel)
COMING SOON: Unisex long sleeved 4XL - 5XL (Port & Company)
Misses short sleeved S - 2XL (American Apparel)
Misses long sleeved S - XL (American Apparel)
Ladies short sleeved M - 2XL (Hanes)
Ladies short sleeved 3XL - 4XL (Port & Company)
Ladies long sleeved M - 2XL (Hanes)
Ladies long sleeved 3XL - 4XL (Port & Company)

Note that American Apparel "Misses" shirts run small and that all shirts will shrink one size if machine washed and dried.

This year's shirt comes with long sleeves or short sleeves!