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The Part That Doesn't Burn by Sam Poling

In an overpopulated city-state where technology and magic are forbidden by the corrupt church, young witch, Mirabel Fairfax, plots the creation of a deadly plague to cull the burdensome rabble. That is, until she falls in love with the very alchemist she has been deceiving. Now, with soul-hungry geists flooding the city, the church scrambling for their prey, and her own mind at war with itself, Mirabel must decide what she's fighting for before she loses everything to the evils of Autumnfall.

Magic Eyes by David J. Haberman

After his parents divorced, Ezra moved with his mother back to Altamira. He spent the summer days exploring town like a normal kid. Nights were a different story as his vivid dreams began turning dark and violent. He tried to stay awake some nights to avoid nightmares, but ended up feeling exhausted and miserable the next day. His mother took him to a counselor. Although he felt better after the sessions, his dreams continued to get worse. When characters from his dreams began appearing in broad daylight, Ezra thought he was losing his mind.

Starwatcher by David Rice

“The stars are cold and blind ‘til we warm them with our need and sing of what they see.”
From The Song of the Starwatchers

Muren, the stubborn and impulsive son of the King’s Starwatcher, turns to the reticent elves of Longwood for guidance concerning personal and kingdom spanning tragedies. Through the loss of everything he loves, Muren finds himself the reluctant father of a forbidden child, and the centre of a conflict that threatens to decimate a world he is ill equipped to save.

The sequel, Sparkweaver, is scheduled for publication in the summer of 2017.

The Dizzy-Go-Round by David J. Haberman

Rachel could always see into the other place. She liked comparing the activities of people who appeared in both worlds. Her abilities were strongest in the playground near the river. When she rode the dizzy-go-round, the other world filled with wonderful colors. Feeling alone in her abilities, Rachel tried to teach her friends how to see. After a family tragedy, Rachel’s world turned upside down. When Rachel had to make the most difficult decision in her life, she turned to her friends to come to the rescue.

Spirit of the Northwoods by Auria Jourdain

Struggling to settle into their new school, junior Shannon Colfax finds herself entangled in a feud with popular football jock Brent Duray after he bullies her autistic twin brother, Shane. When an unlikely savior comes to her rescue—Brent’s friend, Cody Williams—the jock and his entourage devise an immediate retaliation plan: Duray promises to leave Shane alone if Shannon and Cody survive the infamous Paulding Light Challenge to spend the night in a haunted forest on Halloween night. Desperate for vindication, they take the dare... but are the local legends truly paranormal, or are they dealing with something more sinister?

The Civil War by Sean Austin

From the moment his parents died in a freak accident, Jon began growing up far faster than he should have.

Rescued from an orphanage and given a good home, in time he learned that opening up to let others into the protective shell he had created for himself became easier. Even the rare opportunity for love became possible.

By the time the Civil War broke out, he had grown into a teenager. Too young to enlist and yet desperate to do his part, he lied about his age and joined the Flying Corps.

Through luck and the help of his newly found friends, he completed his training and found himself on the front line. What he discovered there were the harsh realities of war. In the fast paced and ferocious battles that took place he soon learned the hard truth that not everyone could go home.

The Witch’s Brother by Amy Austin Taggart

Marchioness Ellie Leggit has just lost her brother and his wife, her best friend, and is asked to raise their son, a future duke. While she deals with her grief and instant motherhood, her friends circle around her to give her support. But, the forces which led to the murders are still at work, and soon she comes to realize that her life and that of her nephew are not safe. Will it be a lost love returning that will save her? Can she unravel the potion which killed her brother before someone else dies? Why does the current queen hold her in such contempt? Time is quickly running out, and Ellie begins to question who she can trust.

The Inner Critic Advantage: Making Peace with the Noise in Your Head by Andrea Patten

Everyone's got an Inner Critic. (Here in NaNo-land lots of us refer to it as The Inner Editor.) Whatever you call it, “that voice” is unkind. And, most conventional wisdom about how to manage it is just plain wrong. If you’ve tried to “kill it off” or “shut it up” you already know: it comes back, and it's stronger than ever. But it’s there for a reason, and it loves you. A lot. This book can help you decipher hidden messages from the inner editor, stop fighting it, and finish your book!