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Rose's Truth by Tessa Alexander

Catherine Rose Rogers- that name has been enough to frighten even the bravest Royal for years. But that's about to change. When a wounded werewolf appears on Rose’s doorstep, it begins turning her black and white view of the world into shades of grey. Rose can't handle having her life flipped upside down- it's too much for a simple Guardian to handle, and that's all she is... at least, that's what she's always believed.

The Cat's Last Meow by Mandy Broughton

Veterinarian Dr. Heidi Knack already has trouble with disorderly patients and their overbearing owners. But when a miserly old man's cat is poisoned, it’s up to Heidi to find out who did it before he shuts down her practice. As she desperately tries to appease her best paying client, she stumbles upon another victim—this time a human. It’s murder, mystery and mayhem. Can she solve the case before she’s the next victim?

Darkness Concealed by D. Emery Bunn

50 years ago, the dawn did not come. Again. Everyone in Telthan knew it would happen. Monsters roamed the land, killing virtually everyone in their path, laying waste to anything in their way. Only a precious few survived to rebuild the wreckage of civilization, just like last time. No one questions the Darkening. Not even the children.

That is, until four strangers set off in search of answers, braving a forbidden city, a forgotten library, and foreboding mountains for the truth that has to exist. But the past does not give up its secrets easily, and the truth is far darker than the blackest night.

The Riches of Mercy by C. E. Case

Ambitious state prosecutor Natalie Ivans has a headline-making trial about to begin. To escape the pressure of the spotlight, she drives toward the Carolina shore but is left stranded, battered, and broken in a small town after a car accident. Alone in a hospital in the middle of nowhere, her only lifeline is her nurse, Meredith Jameison. Meredith is facing a trial date of her own–for murder. Meredith sees Natalie’s arrival as a sign her fortune is changing.

You May Kiss the Bride by Monica Corwin

Helena Banks and Alex Parker are meant to be...if they can get past the secrets, lies, corporate espionage.

Winding Unwinding by Dale Hartley Emery

Five worlds very like our own. Five kinds of magic winding tighter and tighter. Five extraordinary people struggling to keep their lives from unwinding.

A magical tailor ruins a wedding dress days before the wedding. A woman hitches a ride from peculiar strangers on a lonely road. A student demands a refund, and wins more than he ever bargained for. Two young brothers fight for their lives in a funhouse. A grieving widower’s outhouse overflows with memories... and something worse.

Peek through the keyhole into these five fantastic stories from Dale Hartley Emery.

Alabaster Vases by Catherine Finger

Set back by the cruel exploits of her abusive husband and haunted by an evil presence she can’t quite grasp, Police Chief Josie Oliver finds herself drawn into the cross hairs of a vicious serial killer. Fighting for her marriage, faith, and fate, Chief Josie is confronted by an Adversary that only God can conquer—if she decides to let Him in.

Dragons In Pieces (Maze Beset #1) by Lee French

Bobby wouldn't believe superheroes were real if he wasn't one himself. Tiny robot dragons send him chasing his humanity and his future, on the trail to discovering his past and a place to call 'home'. If he's lucky, maybe he can get a beer there.

Calligraphy of the Witch by Alicia Gaspar de Alba

Set against the infamous New England witch trials of 1692, the story revolves around Concepción Benavídez, aka Thankful Seagraves, a Catholic foreigner from New Spain brought to New England on a pirate’s ship and sold as a slave to a Puritan merchant and his wife. Impregnated by a pirate, Concepcion’s womb becomes the coveted property of her mistress Rebecca. Desperately seeking another child of her own, Rebecca will come to nurture and raise Concepcion’s daughter, until the child prefers the white Protestant mother over the brown “Papist". Because of her half-Indian identity, strong accent, and uncanny calligraphy, Concepción gets accused of witchcraft during the trials and joins her friend, Tituba Indian, in the Boston jail.

Sleeps with Dogs: Tales of a Pet Nanny at the End of Her Leash by Lindsey Grant

Former NaNoWriMo Program Director Lindsey Grant chronicles her misadventures as a professional pet nanny in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing in slumber party-style overnight care, Grant spent her nights with countless dogs, prepared custom meals for exotic birds, broke up brawls between both animals and spouses, weathered end-of-life care for beloved companions, and catered to the often-obscure needs of her charges--and the bizarre demands of their owners. From a toast-loving cockatiel to a gassy greyhound and the people who love them dearly, this memoir is filled with an unforgettable and endearing cast of characters, human and animal alike.

The Passenger by Joie Lesin

The musky scent of skin, a brush on the shoulder, a gust of bitter air. Warnings for Elizabeth that a spirit will soon seek her help to pass from this world to the next. Blessed (or cursed) with the ability to offer assistance, Elizabeth Reilly travels to the Clemente Vineyard to help the spirit of an old man find peace where his heart remains. There, a living man's wounded soul offers her the challenge of a lifetime.

SALT by Amy K. Marshall

Once Upon A Time ... a King of Tsitadel had three sons: Afanasiy, dark and scowling, Ilya, fairer but by no means fair, and Prince Innokentiy, a fool. When King Daniil gives his eldest sons ships and treasure, Queen Sofiya, begs the same for her youngest. Innokentiy receives a rickety ship stuffed with water-ruined silk and crewed by ancient sailors. His father’s hope is that the whole lot of them will drown in deep water. But, as the ship heaves-to within sight of a strange island, a Fog of Souls sweeps across the sea and the world changes .... completely....

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future.

Assassin's Heart by Isabella Norse

Lillie, a young assassin, defies her Guild Master when she refuses to
kill an innocent man. With her life now forfeit, she must find a way to save
herself, the man she loves, and two thrones from destruction at the hands of an
evil overlord.

Welcome to Mineola by A. Louise Robertson

Matt and Rachel become part of the post World War II suburbia of Long Island, New York, participating in neighborhood card parties and barbeques. Rachel misses the women in the city brownstone who sustained her during the war. She is devastated when one of them takes her own life. She contends with suspicions of her husband’s infidelity and faces the challenges of the birth of her fourth child; her mother’s death; her neighbor's shocking anti-Semitic behavior; and a dear friend's stroke. A radio announcement on Thanksgiving Eve shatters her world with news of a horrific train accident that changes everything.

The Duke of Snow and Apples by Elizabeth Vail

Frederick Snow, first footman, is the perfect servant. Unbeknownst to his employers, he’s the lost Duke of Snowmont, on the run from a suspicious stepfather and a powerful magic he can only control by burying his passions beneath his frosty demeanor.

If Charlotte Erlwood wants to land a wealthy, titled husband at her great aunt’s house party, she has to stop losing her temper – especially with inordinately handsome footmen. But Frederick’s frigid control is no match for Charlotte’s irrepressible spirit, and her passionate kiss could summon the darker side of his magic…or wake his heart from its frozen sleep.

Render (A Story of Aligare) by Heidi C. Vlach

The insect-like aemet people founded a new mountain village, and they hoped for luck. But food is scarce and reinforcements haven't arrived. When the local wolves become strangely aggressive, the pacifistic aemets rely on hope and prayer.

Except for young Rue. She prefers logic to luck. To save her community, she resolves to find a solution in the mountain ecosystem. But her keen mind and loyal guard dog won't be enough. She’ll need help from Felixi, a reclusive dragon who knows more about the wolf attacks than he’s willing to share.

Strong Fort Spathí by Heather C. Wright

Sinikka is returning home after a late meeting, but never makes it. Her best friend, Jordan, discovers she’s missing. Before Jordan and his werewolf pack can begin looking for her, he finds himself host to Andrew Farkas. Andrew hopes to gain the support of Jordan’s pack in his bid to become the leader of all the American packs. When Andrew’s ward, Tyler, disappears as well, the entire situation becomes even more complicated. Will Jordan and Andrew be able to find Sinikka and Tyler? Will they be in time?