Patrons of Prose
Patrons of Prose
Patrons of Prose
Patrons of Prose
Monthly Donations - NaNoWriMo

Patrons of Prose

To receive donor recognition on the NaNoWriMo site, please complete all fields. Learn more about halos and site recognition.

Recurring donors are automatically charged on a monthly basis, and receive thank-you gifts based on their total contributions. Learn more about how recurring donations work.

As an extra thank-you for supporting NaNoWriMo’s programs, monthly donors are eligible to receive:

  • exclusive quarterly gifts.
  • a limited-edition NaNoWriMo pencil
  • regal sticker to remind you of the writing your donation supports.
  • a motivational bookmark complete with habit tracker.
  • 25% off and free shipping within the US from Chronicle Books.
  • two audiobooks for the price of one when you sign up with
  • a phone call about your writing project from Executive Director Grant Faulkner.

Plus, find your employer to match your contribution.