Donation FAQs


What is a halo? What is the public donor thank-you page?

We use halos to recognize our very important participant donors. When you give to our nonprofit, you will receive a halo (like this one: Halo Graphic ) on your site profile.

Your halo will last through the calendar year plus the following January (e.g., if you donate in November, you’ll have your halo for three months). To get it back, please donate again (thank you!) or become a monthly donor to give year-round.

Donors also have the option of being listed on our "Brought to You By" page.


Do I still get a halo if I opt out of physical donor thank-you gifts?

Yes! You will still get a halo and a spot on the public donor thank-you page if you choose not to receive physical donor gifts.


How do I donate on behalf of a friend or gift a halo to another participant?

When placing a donation order, just include a friend's username to gift them with a halo.

Each donation order = one halo, but you may add as many to your cart as you like.


Can I send a donation directly via PayPal?

You bet! Just send the contribution to, or use our secure PayPal link to make a donation directly to us.

Please note that direct PayPal donations do not qualify for halos, site recognition, or donor gifts.


How do I donate by check or money order?

Please make your check or money order payable to "National Novel Writing Month," and mail to:

NaNoWriMo, #302
1400 Shattuck Ave., Ste. 12
Berkeley, CA 94709

Things to include with your check:


How do I update my monthly donation's payment information?

Before your donation is processed, you will receive a confirmation message in your email. That message contains a direct link to updating your transaction information, and will also allow you to cancel your donation if needed.
If you're having trouble finding the email, search your inbox for "store[at]". The message will start with "Your upcoming monthly donation on...".