Matching Gifts

NaNoWriMo is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We’re proud to be a majority community-funded charity with more than 45% of annual revenue raised through individual gifts.

We are also a community-centric fundraising organization. This means we ground ourselves in equity and social justice, and most importantly, we foster a sense of belonging and interdependence with donors and non-donors alike.

Our matching gifts program seeks to provide our community donors with the advocacy and education you need to feel good about signing up for matching gifts through your employer.

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What’s a matching gift program? 

Matching gifts are a type of charitable giving program offered at companies and private corporations as an employee benefit. Employees may request a matching gift from their employer after they make a personal donation to a registered nonprofit organization.

A landscape orientation graphic with a simple word equation. You give + They Match = Twice the Impact. The gift is stylized as the NaNoWriMo viking helmet. 1 helmet + 1 helmet = 2 helmets.

The matching amount varies by company, but typically it is a 1:1 annual match, effectively doubling your financial contribution to the organization per fiscal year. The annual deadline in most cases is December 31 in accordance with financial reporting standards. A majority of matching gift programs are processed through US-based companies. 

How do I request a matching gift for NaNoWriMo?

A process flow graphic detailing a 5-step process for NaNoWriMo's matching gift program. 1. Donor makes a one-time or monthly donation to NaNoWriMo. 2. Donor check matching gift eligibility through search tool. 3. Donor submits matching gift request to employer. 4. Employer reviews requests and verifies nonprofit eligibility. 5. If eligible, employer sends matching gift to NaNoWriMo.

The steps for collecting a matching gift are comparatively standardized for donors, regardless of employer company and nonprofit organization recipient. From start to finish, the process for the donor should only take a few minutes, but it varies by company. 

Usually, folks can contact their HR representative to learn more about matching gift program policies and procedures. Donor matches are usually included as part of your employee benefits.

What information do I need to provide my employer to secure a matching gift?

Typically, employers need the following information about NaNoWriMo to process your matching gift request.

Organization Name: National Novel Writing Month
Federal Tax ID: 65-1282653
Address: 1400 Shattuck Ave., Ste. 12, #302, Berkeley, CA 94709
Contact Phone: (510) 628-0327
Contact Email:

How much does NaNoWriMo earn in corporate matching gifts each year?

Corporate matching gifts represent less than 5% of our annual revenue. Over the years, we’ve had community donors who’ve helped NaNoWriMo secure additional funding from companies including Apple, CarMax, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and more.

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